1. Do you remember ladies we met in Greece last year? What were their names?
A) these
B) that
C) this
D) those
2. Though __ earth was cold and wet, __ sky was clear and sun was shining brightly.
A) the / the / the
B) - / the / the C) - / - / -
D) an / a / a
3. The man won the Nobel prize was Norwegian.
A) who
B) what
C) whom
D) which
4. are you doing tonight? Let’s go to my place and play video games if you
are not busy.
A) What
B) Where
C) When
D) Who
5. "I very long," said Florence. "When I here? Yesterday?".
A) slept / was / coming
B) slept/ have / been coming
C) have slept / have / come
D) have slept / did / come
6. In _ (2017) Kazakhstan welcomed a lot of visitors who came to see EXPO.
A) twenty hundred seventeen
B) twenty seventy
C) two zero one seven
D) twenty seventeen
7. Nobody cooks Don’s meals for him. He has to cook .
A) himself
B) him
C) his
D) herself
8. I go to bed at ten o'clock every day but yesterday I to bed at ten.
A) don’t go
B) didn’t go
C) have gone
D) had gone
9. She her homework by six o'clock tomorrow and we to the cinema
A) will do / shall go
B) would do / should be going
C) will be doing / shall go
D) will have done / shall go
10. He had been a great fencer before the war, __ fencer in Italy.
A) the greatest
B) more greater
C) greater
D) the most great
11. It was autumn and all around him there were red and yellow fallen _ .
A) leafs
B) leafes
C) lives
D) leaves
12. you to see my father? - Yes, I .
A) Do / want / am
B) Are / wanting / am
C) Are / want / am
D) Do / want / do
13. I am nineteen and my brother is five years older than me: he is .
A) twenty-fourth
B) twenty fourth
C) twentieth four
D) twenty-four
14. It is remarkable that 70.8 ( ) per cent of teachers in our school are women under 35.
A) seventy period eight
B) seventy dot eight
C) seventy-full stop-eight
D) seventy point eight
15. The students’ essays (to check) by the end of the week.
A) be checking
B) have checked
C) check
D) will have been checked
16. I have a good for you: don’t marry him, dear!
A) advices
B) piece of advice
C) pieces of advice
D) advice
17. This is my room. They are happy to share it.
A) children’
B) children’s
C) child’s
D) childrens’s
18. You must watch “The Notebook”. It is a very _ film.
A) moving
B) delicious
C) wonderfully
D) excited

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